2021 Website Rankings Submission

2021 Website Rankings Submission

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Select the category your website would have the best chance to rank. Website can be submitted again in multiple categories.

Does Your Brokerage/Team Have a Show-stopping website?

Submit before September 30, 2021 to find out if your website has what it takes to rank amongst the top websites around the country. The website rankings will be released on October 29, 2021.

*If you are a website vendor and would like to submit multiple websites, please email Brent Driggers for consideration: bdriggers@realtrends.com.

The website rankings consist of 6 key categories:

  • Best Overall
  • Best Design
  • Best Community
  • Best Mobile
  • Best Property Detail
  • Best Video
Winners are selected using a strict set of methodology based on each category.

* Best overall category is selected by factoring the websites that scored highest in all five categories.


Best Overall

  • Best overall speaks to every element of website design and development—design, navigation, user experience, imagery, mobile and video.

    For brokerage websites, we looked at branding, navigation, search, property detail pages, community pages and overall lead and registration flow. These are the best of the best.

Best Community

  • Websites that provide quick searches for towns and communities make it easier for visitors to find specific information.

    Landing pages should provide emotional insight on each community, such as amenities, average home price, market data, imagery, facts, maps and lifestyle.

Best Design

  • Website design and user experience often depends on users understanding of how the website works. There should be a unique value proposition (UVP) addressed on the home page that states who you are, what you do and why people should care.

    User experience consists of several variables including layout, clear navigation, usability and branding on a website.

Best Mobile

  • The idea of responsive web design is to make websites that fit multiple screen sizes. For the design and development, it means one version of the website that adjusts to both desktop computers and mobile devices.

    Fluid layouts, flexible images and individually catered landing pages are the three technical ingredients for responsive web design.

Best Property Detail

  • These pages give your customers detailed data and information at the property and market level.

    Home details that include historical sales price, year of sale, tax information, bedrooms and baths and other data points should be included. Also, a highly ranked website will allow users to easily query for comparable sales.

Best Video

  • Creative and professional videos take a prominent position in web design and overall web presence.

    To produce a successful real estate video, you must film with technical awareness, appropriate platform, quality content, engaging audio and powerful transitions that speak to your brand.